Loan application can be sumbitted by all Albanian citizens or peopele, who have long-term residence permit, and are at least 18 years old.
We offer loan amounts from 15.000 to 100.000 ALL for new clients and 15.000 to 200.000 ALL for returning clients.
Yearly interest rate is 15.0-17.0% and is calculated on a basis of residual value. Loan period is up to 12 months.
Comission fee is a cost of financial service for loan application review.
Usually application is answered within 1 hour (working hour).
Loan agreement could be issued only on a base of personal identification document and bank statement (for amounts bigger than 50.000 ALL).
Loan application could be submitted in any Iute Credit office or on our website. Loan asignment is done in Iute Credit office.
IuteCredit offices location and their working hours could be found here.
Loan could be issued in Posta Shqiptare or in commercial banks via transfers to bank account, usually, during the same day.
Yes, you can get money in Posta Shqiptare after 17.00 in working days and in weekend.
Loan repayments could be done in Posta Shqiptare offices or in one of following banks: BKT, Raiffeisen Bank, Intesa San Paolo, Credins Bank.
Yes, IuteCredit provides short-term suspensions for loan repayments. Please contact us to get full information about this possibility for your particular case.
Yes, loan could be closed before the appointed time. Please contact us to get full information about this possibility for your particular case.
If repayment is not done on time, we will at first remind you about it. Repayment delay entails additional costs, so penalties are applied for them. If you have longterm problems with payments, please contact us to find most suitable solution.
Yes, IuteCredit is issuing loans for goods purchase in our partner shops. List of Iute Credit parnter shops could be found here.