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Responsibilities and duties:

  • Installing, maintenance and repair of technology products (including lap tops, PC’s, printers, routers, telephony central)
  • Maintenance of computers in domain environment
  • Computer hardware repair if necessary
  • Installing and maintenance of local networks
  • Maintenance and setting PBX
  • Monitoring and reporting incoming and outgoing traffic of calls
  • Installing and maintenance of servers, network management and database administration
  • Implementing cloud solutions
  • Providing technical support to the employees and train non-technical workers on the business’s information systems.
  • Communicate and work with external partners, including consultants, agencies and vendors, to arrive at the most appropriate system or integration of multiple systems.
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and the potential effectiveness of these advancements in the current system.
  • Solving other on-site problems regarding the software and hardware equipment.

Knowledge, skills required:

•             Business information technology knowledge

•             Business systems engineering knowledge

•             Computer networking and hardware knowledge

•             Computer software development knowledge

•             Internet engineering knowledge

•             Working knowledge of Microsoft office applications

•             Ability to multitask in a very dynamic environment

Education/ Experience:

•             Bachelor’s degree in IT.

•             At least 1 year of experience in financing institution or similar position.

•             Proficiency of English language

Please send us your CV in the email address, hr@iutecredit.al 
The deadline of submitting the application is 31.07.2019.